Monday, October 25, 2010

Hey everyone!

Hey everyone!

I don’t have much time. It has been so amazing here at the MTC. My companion is Elder Gunter and he is from California. He is the best companion ever.

The days are super long but amazing. I have never in my life been able to focus on something so well. I know it comes from Heavenly Father and the setting apart. I am being 100 percent obedient, and the blessings come one by one. My companion and I are extremely spiritually in tune.

The language is super easy, and I am able to help out my class a lot. I am the only one that knew some Portuguese prior to coming out here. Portugal Portuguese (which is what I'm learning) sounds awful and I don’t like the pronunciation compared to Brazilian Portuguese. But that's just my opinion! Ha-ha. They say that Cape Verde speaks more Brazil-similar Portuguese, so that's a relief.

My district is awesome, and the classes are incredibly amazing. I'm loosing track of days and time here. Every second of my time at the MTC is planned out with free time only after 21:30. Bedtime is at 22:30 and we wake up every day at 6:30.

I'm loving every single moment, and I feel the spirit stronger every second here. I want to be nowhere but here. My life was called to this and I know it. Every one here teaches me something new, and I like my companion like a best friend only after 3 days. That's the power of the spirit.

Write me!!!! I love you all. I hope you all are doing your best back home, and I will have a new post next week.


Elder Gianluca Cuestas
Cape Verde Praia Mission
A Igreja De
Dos Santos Dos Ultimos Dias

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  1. Oi Elder Cuestas,

    Espero que tudo esteja bem contigo. Falei com a tua mae no domingo passado. Ela esta feliz por voce estar fazendo uma missao, porem ela senti saudades de voce.Eu tambem tive muitas saudades do meu filho quando ele foi para o Japao, para servir missao em Hiroshima. O tempo passa bem rapido e logo voce estara de volta. Porem lembra que este e o melhor tempo de tua vida e dedique toda a tua energia para o Pai Celestial e o Salvador Jesus Cristo. Seja bem feliz e ajude aquelas pessoas que esperam por voce em Cabo Verde (Cape Verde).

    Que o Senhor te abencoe.