Monday, November 1, 2010

Hey all

Don’t have much time (2 minutes)

Showers are scalding hot one day, freezing cold next

Food...not so good ha-ha, but its bearable

EVERYONE SEND ME YOUR ADDRESSES. That way I can send you letters. I only have 30 min on computer and I use it to write family.

It's been great, and I am loving the mission. Days are super long but good. I am now fully fluent in Portuguese, and I can read the scriptures in Portuguese. I'm helping my district, and it is awesome!

Write me on dear my mom has the instructions. DONT EMAIL ME while I'm in the MTC. Write me on dear elder. That way I can take the time to read your letters.

I love you all. I’m doing so great, and I've got a great future ahead of me

Boa Sorte

Elder Cuestas

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