Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I am so grateful to be a missionary

We have made some major breakthroughs in the area this week. The transfer ended and I did not get any calls, so I will not be transferred, which is exactly what I wanted.

My companion and I are doing really well. This week was a lot less stressful, and we enjoyed each other’s company very well. I see how the Lord helps us every single day and makes it so that we're happy to be where we are.

We went to Praia this weekend for what would be Stake conference. After conference, we went to the baptism of an investigator that I worked with a lot in Praia. His name is Celso and elder Rodriguez baptized him. I also got to stay that night in Praia at my old place with elder Rodriguez and his companion. It was really great.

SO here is the best part…

I made it here. I feel like I am one of them now. Elizeu is coming back so strong and is with us all the time. Mulato, Batcha, and Zee really like me. The members here see me as one of them. These aren’t just the members anymore. They're my friends just like my friends back home would be.

I was in the Hiace back home from Praia yesterday. I was sitting next to Zee and he told me that he was so grateful that I did not get transferred. He said he sees me like a brother and that I have helped him a lot in his conversion process. He said he will never forget what I have done for him. That was one of the best feelings that I have had here on my mission.

Elizeu also got really close to me. He is constantly with us now helping us with our lessons and what not. Today he came over and hung out with us all P day just like I would do with the missionaries back home.

Mulato said that he hopes I stay some 4 months before being transferred again. Batcha said that I'm an awesome missionary. I feel at home, and I am the happiest I have been on my mission. I am so grateful for the differences that I have made in the lives of these people. Julia is going strong. We have two baptismal dates for March and April. I have participated in the reactivation of 5 other members. And now I have friends that help me in the work. I'm so happy.

It’s so funny too. I am the only white person for some 50 miles and they see me as one of them. They treat me as one of them, and I see them as one of me. These people have made my experience here incredible.

I'm so grateful to be a missionary. I'm so grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and I'm grateful for the time that the Lord has granted me here.

Elder Gianluca Cuestas

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