Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I'm grateful to be here

This week we had the baptism of Helder’s little brother Agusto, and it went very well.

We haven’t found Lucindo in a long time. Hopefully he’ll show up to Institute this week.

We found out that another family member in the Gonçalves family wants to be baptized, so we’ll be preparing him for baptism, along with Sofia´s brother named Estefany and other investigators. We have a super busy week ahead of us because we have to prepare them as well as go to Brava. We haven’t been there since the huge storm I mentioned a while back, so we hope we’ll actually be able to get there this time.

I’m feeling just great like always. My coughing is almost gone, though I had a small issue this week. A few weeks ago, I switched soaps to this stuff that smelled really good. Little did I know that my hands were going to have an allergic reaction to the soap, and now they’re covered in a rash and are peeling like crazy. It’s not a big deal, and I already threw it away. It’ll just take maybe a week or so for my hands to get better.

Regarding Christmas, it’s quite simple here. There are no big stores, or fancy Christmas ornaments/lights, or elegant restaurants. Definitively, life is very simple in Cape Verde.

For us, Christmas is going to be very meaningful just because of all the work we been doing here, and the love we have for this people.

I’m very happy on my mission. I love this people like I can’t even describe. They’re incredible!
They’re kind, friendly and warm people… I’m grateful to be here!

Elder Cuestas

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