Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Incredible Miracles!

The most important thing is that the Lord has performed incredible miracles in our area. Bela Vista is doing amazing now, with plenty of investigators that we have found recently. Just this past week and a half we have found over 10 new investigators, and 5 of them already have a baptism date. We should be having a baptism this weekend of a woman named Orlandina. She’s about 21 years old, and she has been showing great interest in the church and the Gospel for quite some time.
This is nothing short of a miracle that the Lord has placed in our hands. We worked so hard this past week, and we were so blessed with miracles of finding new people and getting them on track to baptism. I never in my life thought that we would have this area pick up so quickly.

I’m sure that the reason of that is because of the incredible unity that Elder Fogelberg and I have in our companionship. I could not ask for a better companion. We have been hitting it off extremely well and working together side by side. It is often hard to imagine that he’s a new missionary, because we feel just like a normal companionship that is making all the decisions together. Elder Fogelberg has fire for the work, and he already is developing a great love for the people. He can speak fluent Portuguese, and he is happy with everything about this country. He is definitely a great missionary!!

So like I said, we have been finding new investigators really fast this past week. Orlandina had plans to be baptized the 25th of August, but we feel that she is ready to be baptized this next week, since she has been coming to church so much. She agreed. She is the sister of another investigator that we have that needs to work on a few issues before she can be baptized. She is someone that we’ll be working with for a while.

Many of our new investigators live very close to each other, so our plan is to help them all come to the Gospel, and then they can strengthen each other as new converts. It’ll be a great help for Bela Vista because one of the weaknesses of this area is that there are not many current members.

The other investigator that I’m extremely excited about is a man named Francelino. The Relief Society President of our branch is dating this man that she convinced to start talking to us. It turns out that he’s very interested and happy in taking our lessons. They don’t live together, but I am pretty sure that they want to start making preparations to get married. I know that they have been together for quite a while, and this is drawing them closer together. We have a baptism date for him on the 1st of September. Hopefully everything goes well.
After further analysis, Bela Vista is poor, but not as poor as Tarrafal. The people are a little more humble in this part of Mindelo than my last area, which makes it easier to find new investigators. There were rumors that Bela Vista was an extremely dangerous area. In reality, this is one of the calmest areas that I have served in. My last area was a constant riot compared to this one. I’ve never served in a part of the city that is so quiet. Maybe the danger happens after I’m asleep. Ha-ha. As for the mountain, we teach investigators on that mountain almost every day, so I get to see that incredible view.
So due to all this success that we been having, and the amazing life that Elder Fogelberg and I are having together as companions, I got over my last area really quick. I’m so focused on all the work that we have to do here, before I go home, that I don’t have any time to think about anything else.
Elder Cuestas

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