Monday, February 14, 2011

Elder Fonseca is the new Branch President

I'll be going on an exchange in Assomada tonight. I will be there until Quarta Feria and then President Neves is coming to give us training.

Elder Fonseca got called as the new Branch President of the Tarrafal branch.

Life is getting better every day here. I'm still happy, and I'm still confident as a missionary. We have some investigators with some good potential. They're doing well and 2 came to church last week. That was pretty sweet.

Our apartment is pretty basic now. We do not have hot water and working toilets. We have to pour water down it to flush it. Oh well. Used to it already.

Still love being a missionary. I'm growing up really fast in Tarrafal. The Creole is getting better. My companion and I teach really well together. He's excellent to work with, and we listen to each other’s inputs very well. No arguments. Can’t ask for more.

He is also teaching me to cook some amazing stuff with rice, beans, and pasta.

Can you believe that in two months I will have already completed 1/4 of my mission? Seems like yesterday I was in the MTC. This is truly one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life.

Oh yeah. Elder Fonseca is the new Branch President, and I'm the branch secretary. Something that is awesome is that the members that are strong here are really cool, and I have made some really strong friendships with them.

So...the names here are quite different:


Elder Cuestas

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