Tuesday, April 3, 2012

General Conference in Praia

Here is a picture of the area from the mission office. We don’t really proselyte there because this is the richest area in the whole country. We go to the much poorer parts of our proselyting area, and the other pic is Helder and me.

A week has passed since my transfer to Praia, and we already have the month planned out with meetings and trainings and conferences that we’ll help President Oliveira with. I’ll get to travel to Mindelo, and see it for the first time. I know that I’ll grow a lot through my time here as an assistant, and I know that I’m here for a reason. I just have to continue being humble and pray a lot for the Lord to help me.
Our responsibilities are basically counseling with the mission president in all things that he does in respect to the missionaries and helping him in maintaining the missionaries informed. We also plan and prepare trainings and supervise the well-being and work of all missionaries in the mission. In other words, we oversee the mission in all things. We have a car (Toyota Hiace) that we use for mission purposes such as taking people to and from the airport and other errands that we frequently have to run. We have the afternoons to proselyte, but sometimes we have to run errands that the mission president will ask us to run. Being beside President Oliveira will be a blessing, as he has so much wisdom, and I know he’ll help me grow immensely.
This time we watched General Conference in English in the church, just in a different room. I enjoyed the most Elder Ballard’s talk on Sunday afternoon. I noticed that conference was based on families and the home particularly this time around.

Elder Cuestas

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