Monday, April 30, 2012

First Stake of the Republic of Cape Verde

This was the week of weeks, and it was history changing for Cape Verde. On Sunday, we all met in the Palace of the Nacional Assembly. This is where congressmen and such meet for their affairs. We were in the presence of Elder Kopischke and his counselor, Elder Texeira. They’re the presidency of the Europe Area.

They came and released all the leadership of the district of Praia and called the new Stake President, and his counselors. They came and announced the FIRST STAKE of the Republic of Cape Verde. This is history. Cape Verde now has its first stake, its first wards, bishops, stake presidents, patriarchs, and all the other blessings of stakes.

I sat there next to Lacy, Tony and Zeletche from Tarrafal as all the members of the island of San Tiago were there. This is HUGE for the country. President Oliveira even met with President Jorge Carlos Fonseca, the president of Cape Verde to discuss the matter. All this is on the Cape Verde church’s website -

This week was incredibly busy. On Tuesday, we received 4 of the 12 missionaries from Fogo to come and see Zone conference. I was able to go on a division with Elder Reeser, whom I worked with in Brava. We ran around the whole city. I think we took close to some 10 taxis from one area of the city to another. We had to set up the church, get accommodations for the missionaries coming in and coordinate everything. It was such a productive day.

Wednesday was conference day, and I served as an interpreter for the missionaries that do not speak English. Translating is exhausting, but it forced me to pay attention the whole time.
Elder Kopischke spoke to us, and this had to have been the strongest spirit I have ever felt in a conference. This was the conference for the missionaries exclusively before the Stake conference on Sunday. I learned so much this day - things that are going to help me moving forward.

On the other note, the Lord gave us a small treat this week. It turns out President still needed to do one more special FOGO!! And he’s taking us with him!!!!

I will fly to Fogo on Wednesday and come back Friday. I get to see Fogo one more time!!! I get to see elder Abularach and elder Calderwood! I am very excited for this, too.

This week is going to be crazy, and I have to do some running around and get things ready for next week. I‘ll write more next week.

Elder Cuestas

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