Monday, May 7, 2012

Got Transferred To Mindelo!

About three days ago, I entered the office in the morning to start working, and President pulled me in for a conversation. After a prayer, he said to me that I was a great missionary and that I worked miracles in Fogo. He said that he could not believe that I never lost my work ethic all those 6 transfers that I was in Fogo. He said that because of this, he thought best that I be an example to the rest of the mission and come to be his assistant. He said that after seeing this transfer go by, he felt that this is not the place for me. He said that it’s not about me being an example; it’s about me going back to the field to work more miracles. He said that I don’t belong here in the office working with numbers, but that I belong in the field with the missionaries and focusing on the work 24/7. He said that I have the natural drive of a leader and that he cannot change that in me.

Therefore, I am leaving the office! That’s right. I'm going to be a Zone Leader Again! And I'll do so in the city of Mindelo, serving with Elder Fernandes.

I screamed inside my heart with joy when I saw this on the transfer board. I'm going to Mindelo!!

I know that Mindelo is known for being the hardest two zones in the mission for baptizing and finding people to teach. President is sending me there because he's hoping that I can go and change things and help increase the faith of the missionaries there. And I get to go serve with elder Fernandes. He's incredible! He's from Cape Verde, from Praia and has been serving his whole mission in Fogo. He got transferred to Mindelo when I got transferred to Assistant.

I’m excited for constantly being in one area and getting to know the members of my team and working with them and watching them grow in their areas. This is what I was made for. I really hope things go well out in Mindelo.

Today is Monday, P day, and it turns out that I’m the last one to fly out of Praia. As this is the last day as an AP, I have been super busy with transfers and getting everyone else to where they need to go and what not along with getting ready for my departure. I’ll arrive just at the crack of dusk into Mindelo. I'm exhausted, and I even have black circles under my eyes ha-ha, but I feel great!

So last week was absolutely incredible. The week started off by going to Fogo and, yes, seeing Elder Abularach and Elder Reeser again. There is another Elder there that got to Fogo the last transfer that I was there, and his name is Elder Hill. After we went to the Zone conference and gave our training, I went on a division with Elder Hill to see how his teaching was. We visited a ton of my recent converts in Sao Filipe and taught them and saw how they were doing. I was so happy to see everyone again. It was such a joy to be in Fogo walking the streets of Sao Filipe again. I felt that I was in paradise. No vacation can compare to the joy of walking my favorite area, where I served faithfully for 9 months. Most of the recent converts are doing well, with a few that just needed some strength. I love Fogo!

Last but not least, just wanted to say that President Oliveira is such a remarkable man, and I truly admire him! Every time that he interviews me, I feel the Spirit very strong, and I feel that he’s looking for the missionaries’ best interest, and I know that he loves us all!

Elder Cuestas

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