Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Mindelo is the most developed, appealing city in Cape Verde. It really is different from Praia or Assomada. In Praia, there are all kinds of people from Cape Verdinians to Portuguese to people from Senegal or Ghana. In Mindelo, it’s just people from Cape Verde.

They speak an entirely different Creole which is said to be the most beautiful one of the country. I personally like Praia Creole better. The upside to all this is that the majority of the people in Mindelo is more educated and can understand and read scriptures better. You can speak Portuguese faster and use more complex words, and they’ll understand. The downside is that they know they’re in the best of the Country. People from Mindelo have generally negative views on people from Praia, and they do not like the city at all. They’re more prideful, and they see themselves as more modern, thus forgetting God quicker. Nevertheless, it’s nothing like Europe, and we still find humble people to teach and prepare to accept the Gospel. It’s just not as easy as Fogo.

Santo Antao is very much like Tarrafal - quiet, poor and humble people. I got to meet many of the members there, and it was pretty awesome. It’s the second hottest area of the mission behind Sao Filipe.

This week has been equally busy as the last one as we have lots of work and furthermore, we’re preparing this woman named Aldina for baptism in two weeks. Aldina recently lost a daughter and has had her life very affected by this. She was closed to everyone at first, but started opening up and praying to Heavenly Father. In the most recent times that we have taught her, you can see her entire countenance changing. Now she’s lively, chuckles from time to time and is excited about attending church and being baptized. She’s probably some 40 years old. We’re preparing her 25 year old daughter to be baptized, as well.

Elder Cuestas

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