Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Transfers are next Saturday

We have been having tons of water problems this week. We go 4 or 5 days without water. We have a 50L reserve tank, but we have to boil the water to drink it, and I get lazy. Ha-ha. No big deal. I usually start boiling water as soon as I get home from work.

Transfers are next Saturday, and everyone is hoping that I stay. It’s so nice to hear that. It makes me feel really cool. I love all the friendships I have been making.

Alex hung out with all of us on P day and we went and walked along the beachside with him and hung out. The beach here is awesome. The water is blue and the sand is white or black depends where you are.

Both Ivandro and Steven came to church this time and it was such a joy to have them. Steven is getting more and more happy about being a part of the church. He is excited to be baptized. Ivandro already has a testimony, and we are looking forward to his baptism.

JULIA IS DOING INCREDIBLE: I am soooo happy for her!!!! ONE MONTH WITHOUT DRINKING. Elder Fonseca authorized her to take the sacrament for the first time last Sunday. Pretty soon, she will be receiving a church call again. She seems to be stronger and stronger every time.

I am fully fluent in Creole now. It’s no problem. I understand every single thing I hear. It’s good because Alex only talks to me in Creole. Elizeu too. He’s been good as well. He is just looking for work and going teaching with us.

Did you know that our mission president is finishing his call in July? We will have a new mission president then. His name is President DeOliveira, and he is from Brazil, but has lived in Bountiful Utah for a long time.

People carry EVERYTHING on their heads here. The coolest thing about Cape Verde is that you’ll see women with buckets full of whatever on their heads and you can buy stuff from them right on the street. We always buy fruit from them. It’s much cheaper than in the store.

Cape Verdinians always try to look their best. You’ll see them with jeans, shoes, and shoulder bags. Lots of the women cover their heads with bandannas, but they wear the same thing. It’s usually very modest. They are very humble people. You almost never hear someone cuss here or call someone else a bad name,

Temples are very important to the members here, and many spend several years just traveling to the temple.

There is a very strange tradition for funerals. They will happen like any other, but the older more traditional people will wear black for an entire year in mourning of the death.

Elder Cuestas

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