Monday, April 11, 2011

Zone Conference was pretty cool

Sister Lapeyrouse sent me a package of American food like Oreo cookies, Mac and cheese, and cliff bars. My companion and I shared them and ate everything already.

About the violence, there is a lot of violence, but it is very concentrated. It is only in the cities of Praia, Mindelo and some parts of the island of Sal. Where I am, is more peaceful than back in the US. After 9 p.m., the streets are dead quiet except for young people that like to hang out outside their houses. All of them will greet you and shake hands with you. It is not uncommon to find a person you have never met before and shake hands and give them a pat on the back. They will act like you have been friends with them for 10 years.

The people in Tarrafal are some of the friendliest people I have met in my life. That is why I am so happy here. The only stuff that happens here is drunken people trying to have conversations about religion with you. You smile, act like Christ would and talk with them and go about your way. All the other places are like that too. There is very little crime here in Tarrafal.

Something amazing that happened yesterday is that Steven came to church on his own. We taught him later in his house that day and marked another baptismal date with him. I am so happy. This time it really seems like it’s going to work out. He is showing up to more and more activities and seems happier that he is going to church more often. Everyone is giving him a warm welcome!

Ivandro has a baptismal date too and is doing well. He sees us like his friends and talks openly with us and is grateful how we are with him.

Batcha and Mulato are on school holidays, so as a result, we have been playing soccer with them and the other members from 5:30 to 7 in the morning. It has been amazing, and I am getting really good at soccer.

Zone Conference was pretty cool. The steak was good and we got ice cream too. Ha-ha. The Hiace/Van was a bit frustrating because he did many turns around the city before
going back to Tarrafal. Hiaces/Vans will do that to try to fill up before they go to their destinations, so we usually try to find one that is almost full, but they were all empty at the time. I was exhausted coming back.

Some people will cook for us, but it’s not common. Like I said, Tarrafal is a village and people are very poor here. Most houses don’t even have electricity.

One thing that happened that I am so happy about is that we have been working with a less active member with a Marijuana addiction. His name is Alex and we have been developing a lot of care for him. He came to church yesterday and bore his testimony. A HUGE step.

Elder Gianluca Cuestas

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