Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Third Transfer with Elder Weiss!

The week was very busy, as we had to go to Brava to do some baptismal interviews for the elders there. We had the baptism this week of Kader, Melanie, and Sandro. Tereza had a small problem, and she has to wait a bit longer. However, I have faith that she is going to progress this week and would be baptized soon.

I will go back to Praia in about three weeks for Zone Leaders council.

So Transfers came and went, and elder Weiss and I are staying together one more. This is the first time that we have three transfers, and I remain with the same companion.. I’m glad that it’s Elder Weiss. We know each other and understand each other very well. We have been through a lot together. I feel that he has helped me grow in areas that I have needed growth for a long time. This is great stuff. I love being Zone leader and all the responsibilities that I have. I’m so grateful to the Lord for all that he has blessed me with. He has blessed me with a better mission than I could ever hope for. I’m so eternally grateful for elder Weiss. I have gotten to know him quite well, and I cannot even pay him back one single percentage for all that he has given me.

Two weeks and I have been on the mission a year. My trainer Elder Rodrigues went home today. He is done with his mission. Wow! It seems like it was yesterday that we were just starting out, he and I. I love what the Second Counselor in the Sunday School Presidency said in his talk, don’t look for how far you have to go, but look for how far you have come. I try to do that and look for ways that I can continue to improve.

We have a new investigator and her name is Manuella. She is Incredible!!! I cannot even describe the gratitude I have that the Lord led us to her. She’s gold. She opens up to us and tells us her feelings, her doubts, and she speaks with confidence. She loves what she is learning, and she said that she felt very comfortable and happy with her experience this Sunday at church. We integrated a recent convert, Cleusa, to help us with the teaching, and they’re becoming best friends.

It shows me how important the members are in the work, and really, it is a miracle that we found her and that the Lord is giving us minute by minute inspiration by scripture, by thought, and by listening as we’re teaching her the lessons.

Elder Cuestas

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