Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A very special Sunday!

The story about safety is different for missionaries. We are promised protection as angels are constantly surrounding us. This protection comes through our obedience, and the Lord promises us that he watches over his missionaries.

We have worked very hard this week, going to Brava at the last minute and then going straight to Cova Figueira afterwards to take care of Baptismal interviews. We are trying to get this investigator prepared for baptism this coming Saturday, but she has a heart problem, and she faints often, which often makes her have to cancel appointments. I know, however, that she has a desire to be baptized, as she has shown up already for many church services. The Lord will guide us in her preparation.

We found an investigator that we were not been able to find for quite some time. He’s back on track, and we’re preparing him for baptism. His name is Leridiu.
In his first lesson, we felt some strong spiritual impressions - things that we have never felt before. We felt that the spirit was revealing sad truths to us about his past, but at the same time, these impressions are going to help us in the questions that we make, so that we can address his needs and help him receive the cure of the atonement of Jesus Christ.

This Sunday as well, we found 4 new investigators, one is a man who will be a future Melchezidek priesthood holder - we're ecstatic!

Also, this week my companion and I grew closer and stronger. Elder Weiss and I have already been really close these past two transfers, but this week, we felt the spirit so strong, especially on Sunday. I feel that we have never wanted success so bad as now, and we have been working harder than ever before in obedience, study, and diligence.

We have so much more to learn about teaching, finding, and preparing people, but we took this moment on Sunday to thank the Lord for how far he has taken us, and how much he has trusted us, and how much success he has led us to have through his Holy Spirit. These are turning points I’ve reached through the Lord that I never dreamed that I could obtain on the mission. I can’t believe how much the Lord loves us for working so hard to understand him and understand how to do his work.

Some of the investigators that I’m eager about are the mother of two recent converts that were baptized in August. That family has had some big health challenges. One of the converts has a crooked leg making her walk in an awkward way, and extremely slow. The mother we started teaching is extremely obese, and we could feel in her spirit, how she yearns for some hope. Another is Leridiu himself. I know he has a lot to open up to us and that it may take some time, but I’m confident that if he keeps his appointments and let us into his life, we can help him.

I have never loved the people of this country so much as I do now. So much that their afflictions are mine. Their joys are mine. Nothing gives Elder Weiss and I more joy than being with our recent converts, investigators, and members and partaking of their warm spirit.

Elder Cuestas

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