Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Elder Weiss hit his 19-month mark!

Fogo is very safe. Even the bad parts of town, everyone respects the Elders, and they know that we don’t have anything in our backpacks, so there is little to no probability of something happening to us. However, this island is extremely poor. Poorer than Tarrafal. There are very little conditions here on the island, and power and Internet go out often. So in the future, if I cannot write on a Monday, it is because of those reasons.

Last week we did the training in district meeting, and we ended up doing it with all the elders in Fogo. Everyone took it pretty well, and we felt that the spirit was pretty strong.

A week ago, we baptized Indira, the investigator with the heart problem. It was a wonderful experience! We saw her again yesterday, and she appeared radiant and happy. She seems like a whole different person. She still has that heart problem, and she is waiting for medication to come from Praia, so that she can start treatment, but she is doing well. Her spirit is very strong, and she is anxious to learn fully what she needs to know.

Elder Weiss hit his 19-month mark yesterday. He has 5 months left on the mission. He is OLD!!! ha-ha. We’re almost certain that at the end of this transfer, one of us is leaving this area; we’re going to miss each other very much. When he leaves the mission, I’ll have 7 months left and had become an old missionary, too.

Elder Weiss is from Sandy Utah, about 45 minutes away from BYU, but he said he would probably go to UVU (10 minutes away) for College. He likes video games and graphics design, probably something he wants to go into. He has 2 brothers, both married, both served missions, and one sister, married too. He loves his parents, and his family is very special to him.

By the way, popsicles are sooooooo good here. We have become immune to the water, so now we can drink it. That being said the people here sell these popsicles that they make at home. These are called fresquinhas (Pronounced fresquiñas) and sometimes they’ll have yoghurt or cream in them. They’re so good when we’re walking out all day in the 92 degrees temperature…

Elder Cuestas

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