Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fireside with Elder Gérald Caussé

Last week we had this trip to Brava, but the boat ride was a nightmare because we got caught in a really bad storm, and the boat was rocking all over the place, and stuff was flying everywhere. The plates in the kitchen of the boat fell out and broke, and our stuff was falling out of the compartment case above our seats. Usually a boat ride to Brava takes 40 minutes, but an hour into the journey, the captain told us that we had to turn around and come back. I felt so dizzy at that point that I thought I was going to pass out. I asked Elder Weiss right there to give me a blessing, and immediately after he took his hands off my head, my sickness was gone. It was a miracle, and it strengthened my testimony deeply. We got back home around midnight, and we were so exhausted. The sad part was that we never made it to Brava.

Here is an update of some members and investigators we have worked with.

The Gonçalves family is doing very well, and we visit them often. They make it to church every single week, and they’re as happy as kids can be. I love them very much, and I have grown a strong relationship with the 6 year old. He hugs me every time I see him, and he’s so nice to me.

Chuchuka and Luana are doing very well coming to church and to many family home evenings and staying active in the church. We’re helping Chuchuka with her scriptures reading every day because she tends to get distracted with other things.

Kader is presenting us more people to teach, and Tereza has trouble staying active, so we’re visiting her often.

Melanie is amazing, and she wants us to teach her mom. She has changed a lot!

The most important thing is that we’re teaching this woman named Eidy. She has a health problem that makes it difficult for her to walk, and she has changed a lot since she has started coming to church. Anyway, she made it all the way to District Conference, which is saying a lot for her, and she listened intently to what the speakers had to say
We taught her, and she continues to improve and understand more and ask questions. She has already stood up to some people who are discouraging her from getting baptized, and we feel in our hearts that she is converted.

We found a girl and her name is Sofia. She is very smart and understands Portuguese very well. She asks tons of questions, and she was another investigator that was able to describe exactly what the Holy Ghost felt like. She said that before we asked her to pray about the Restoration, she had already taken the time before to do that, and she’s sure that she received an answer. She will be baptized shortly.

There is something really exciting going on this coming week. Elder Weiss and I’ll be going to Praia for Zone Conference and a fireside with elder Gérald Caussé from the First Quorum of the Seventy. He’s from France and doesn’t speak Portuguese, so our Mission President asked me to be the interpreter. Obviously I’m a bit anxious, but grateful at the same time for such an amazing opportunity!

Elder Cuestas

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