Monday, October 3, 2011

General Conference

This weekend was one of the best in my mission. I was spiritually fed by every single talk of the apostles and prophets. I loved all of them. It was an incredible experience. President Monson gave one of my favorite talks during priesthood about sharing the Gospel. Another one that touched my heart was the one by Elder Quentin L. Cook on Sunday afternoon, along with the one given by President Uchtdorf on Saturday morning. They talk about the things that we can do to recognize more the presence of the Lord’s blessings and love for us as we pass through afflictions and trials.

Something leaped in my heart to see the faith that our new investigators have – they’ll be getting baptized in a couple of weeks. They showed true desire as they came to watch General Conference. Kader, who will be baptized this weekend, came early at 8 a.m. to priesthood session. Tereza came for the Sunday morning session, and Melanie came and stayed all Sunday for the two sessions. I love these people so much, and I’m so amazed by the changes they have made.

Melanie was a girl so shy that every time we asked her a question, she would literally throw her face in her hands and cover her eyes. Now she gives her honest opinion and asks us questions. She has changed the way she dresses after one invite to do so, and is now socializing full time with the other members. You’d think she has been a member for a long time. This to me is true conversion. She knows what she’s doing, and the Lord has blessed her to know these things for herself. The Lord has also blessed us to be the ones to work with her.

Taresa had trouble coming to church at first, and we felt impressed to talk about the atonement and blessings of the Book of Mormon. Now she’s reading it by herself and is coming to church, too. She’s such a lively person with a lot courage in her heart. Her love for God is strong, and her fire for the gospel is growing. Sometimes she makes us laugh pretty hard before we start the lesson.

I love the people here and the investigators. I know this is possible because the Lord give us the ability and power to do so. I feel his presence guiding me. I feel his comfort, and I feel that I’m worthy, yet constantly needing to repent and be better.

The desire to be better will never, never stops in me. A talk that impressed my heart by the second counselor in the Sunday School presidency when he said "don’t look how far you have to go, but look how far you’ve come".

Elder Cuestas

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