Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Zone Conference in Fogo

This week felt a bit slow, but things are going excellent. The Gonçalves family is doing very well. It was such a joy to have the opportunity to prepare them for baptism. They’re perhaps some of my favorite investigators because they’re a family, and to find a family in Cape Verde is something unusual here.

Zone Conference was this Friday, so President Oliveira came to Fogo to talk to us. The spirit was extremely strong, and we learned so much. I’m so grateful that he's our mission president.

We don’t have any baptisms planned for this week because of General Conference. We’ll be focusing this week on finding new people to teach.

I have a very strong love for the Goncalves family. They’re very educated, well-behaved kids that I have seen in my mission. A single mother named Elsa raises them, and they knew so much about the gospel before we even taught anything to them. They treat each other with love and respect - qualities that are uncommon in Cape Verde

This letter is a bit short because I have pink eye (It’s been going throughout the whole village) and it’s a bit hard to see. It’s a very minor infection and there is medication here for it. I'll be fine before next Monday.

Elder Cuestas

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