Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This week was a great success!

So here is my synopsis on the week.

This week has been an incredible success. Three investigators were baptized and their names are Nuria, Vania, and Cleusa. They were glowing when they came up out of the water. I had the honor of baptizing Nuria. She is about 4 feet 11 tall.

We had 10 investigators in church and 9 of them are marked with baptism dates. This is incredible success, and it’s all due to the training and new techniques of teaching that President Oliveira has been giving us. We pour out our hearts in success to the Lord for his mercifulness.

I've grown to love the people of this island almost as much as I loved the people of Tarrafal. I feel that I’m constantly improving and listening to how the Lord wants me to grow. I feel that I’m getting spiritually stronger and just heading in a general positive direction.

We are now full of recent converts to teach, after the 8 baptisms we have had since I got to Fogo. Our schedule is crazy. Sundays are less hectic. For the most part, we just go to church and look for our investigators, if they don’t show up. Thankfully they almost always do...just late, but that’s Cape Verde.

Pai is stronger than ever and should be getting the priesthood this coming week. He has not had any problems with temptation and is always at the church. He teaches with us often.

At this time, we’re teaching a new investigator named Tato. He has huge issues with drinking and smoking, so we’re hoping Pai can help us teach him.

Elder Cuestas

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