Monday, September 19, 2011

Zone Leaders Council was AMAZING!

This week was indeed CRAZY.

We left Monday around 4 in the afternoon, and the assistants to the president (APs) picked us up. We stayed at their house. Elder Fonseca is one of the APs right now, so I got to stay at his house, and we talked and talked a lot. He’s a much closer friend to me now than when we served together. We have learned a lot since then, and we’re the best of friends now. It was really nice to see him again.

Zone leaders council was amazing. The Spirit was the Strongest I have ever felt it! I’m so happy that Heavenly father has given me the opportunity to be a zone leader and receive the training from President Oliveira that we got.

I can still speak Spanish, except that I struggle some not to mix it up with Portuguese. Portuguese from Brazil is the same as from Portugal just different accents. To say refrigerator, Brazil would say Geladeira, while Portugal would say Frigurífico.

The new members are helping each other out to stay active in the church. The branch president is giving them all callings and the priesthood to the men. Like I said, the success has been incredible here, and all of our recent converts are staying strong. We have a baptism this weekend where 3 people will be baptized (Família Gonçalves).

Fogo is as hot as ever, but things are still going incredible! I’m very excited for General Conference that is coming up in two weeks. Two weeks after that, I’ll have reached a year on the mission. After that, time will be on the downhill until I get home.

Elder Cuestas

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