Monday, September 12, 2011

Zone Leaders Council in Praia

We’ve had some 10 baptisms since I’ve been here, and miraculously, all of them are coming to church every Sunday without a problem. Nuria, Cleusa, and Vania are all doing great. Vania is a bit laid back about reading the scriptures, but we’re making sure that she stays on track.

We’re getting towards the hottest part of the year with the weather. Temperature has reached about 95-98 degrees and 85% humidity. I haven’t been around air conditioning since the MTC, but it’s funny though, I don’t miss it that much. As long as I have a fan, I sleep just fine.

We went to Brava last week to do divisions there. I think that Brava is the most beautiful island in the mission. It’s incredibly green and cool because it’s always cloudy. It looks like a green jungle. We took a boat to get there and on the way back, it was so bumpy that at least 3 people got dizzy because they were getting seasick. The boat moved up and down a lot. Personally, I don’t get seasick, but it makes me very sleepy for some reason.

Work is very busy here in the area. We’re working with a family called Gonçalves. They should be baptized soon, as well as this mother and her child. Her name is Tereza and the kid is Sandro. Hopefully things will work out for them.

Chuchuka and Luana have become my favorite people that I’ve worked with here in Fogo. They’re true converts to the church, and they love everything that has to do with church. Chuchuka is very sarcastic and lively, and she is fun to have a conversation with.

So this is random, but it’s awesome! I’ve been drinking this juice called Compal. It’s the most natural juice that I’ve ever tasted, and it’s delicious. It has nectars of Peach, Mango, Pineapple, Apple, and Orange. It comes from Portugal, and it’s like nothing we have back home.

In a few hours, my companion and I'll be on my way to the airport to Praia again. We have Zone Leaders Council tomorrow, and we’ll fly back on Wednesday. I’m excited to hear what President Oliveira has for us. His tactics have been very successful. He’s truly a blessing to all of us!

Elder Cuestas

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