Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Had a Great Birthday!

Thank you for all the congratulations on my Birthday. It was indeed wonderful because we had a baptism that day.

The baptism was of our investigator Pai. This is the guy that got himself into all the things that are against the Word of Wisdom, and what not. He was also the investigator that got his tooth pulled out, so that he could stop smoking. He’s doing great, and his knowledge and will to learn the Gospel is unbelievable. He would practically teach us in the lessons.

His baptism was a very special day. We made a nice big cake for him. Since they don’t have frosting here, and to make it is a huge pain in the neck, we used NUTELLA for the frosting, and it actually tasted very good.

Elder Weiss loves to eat cake. He says that at one point earlier in his mission, he was making 2 cakes a week. The sisters made a big cake for me the day before, and all the missionaries ate a piece, and they sang happy birthday to me. Sister Oliveira called me and so did some other missionaries who I served with in the past, even Elder Coleman called me. It was very nice to hear from all of them.

But we worked as always. We had the baptism and then we continued on. Work doesn’t really ever stop on the mission - just Christmas and a holiday here called Carnival. We have to stay inside because the streets get quite noisy on that day.

So transfer calls were this Saturday, and Weiss and I are staying one more together here in Fogo. The other elders that live with us are staying as well, although the areas of Patim and Mosteiros had changes. Also, the sisters got transferred, too.

This week we had that baptism, and we found 3 new investigators named Nuria, Tereza, and Zaza. They’re all references from members, and they all seem very interested. We are excited to work with them.

Chuchuka and Luana are very strong and coming to all the church activities and coming to church on Sundays. They are doing very well!

Elder Cuestas

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