Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Zone is Amazing!!

Here are a few pics. The black sand beach in Fogo and the day we played volleyball -the stuff over our arms is black sand. A pic of me, then a pic in Praia. These are all the Zone Leaders in the Cape Verde Praia Mission. Elder Weiss is wearing the pink tie. Hes behind pres and sister Oliveira.

The zone is incredible. My zone includes the missionaries from Fonte Alexio, the Sisters in Sao Filipe, Patim, Cova Figueira, Mosteiros, and Brava.

All the missionaries in Fogo came to Sao Filipe for P day, and we went to the black beach and played Volleyball. We had such an amazing time and laughed so hard. No one was left out. Then we went to a restaurant to have lunch. Another 2 hours of laughing and having a good time. It was one of the best P days I have had on the mission. We’re very united and humble here in Fogo. I feel the spirit so strong here.

The other two Elders that live with us serve the high most outskirts areas of Sao Filipe in an area called Fonte Alexio. One of them, Elder Hirschi is from Georgia and has been in the mission a little over 6 months. The other one is Elder Radtke from Utah who has been on the mission a little over 2 months.

So we hardly got to work in our area this week. Last Monday we flew into Praia for Zone leaders council. We didn’t get flown back into Fogo until Wednesday night. Then Thursday, we had to go to Cova Figueria because we had to interview someone for baptism over there. Since transportation is not very frequent back to Sao Filipe, we had to stay overnight at the elders there. We finally got back to work in Sao Filipe on Friday, and Saturday we had Daisy’s baptism. This week we have to go back to Cova Figueira for companion exchanges.

President Oliveira is awesome! He is very smart and very excited to work with us to achieve the same purpose.

Elder Weiss and I are doing amazing, and we’re working like crazy. We actually have 3 chapels in Fogo. There are tons and tons of members here. More than any other religion, only that most of them are less active, so that is one challenge here.

The people here speak much more Portuguese than back in Tarrafal. Only a few people I know do not speak Portuguese, so not much Creole is spoken here. Our chapel is in a nice area. There aren’t really bad parts of Sao Filipe. It’s just a village with the richer part in the lower area.

Right now, we’ve an investigator named Chuchuka. She has been doing everything, even dressing more modestly out of her own free will. She accepted baptism, and she’s sincerely trying her best to learn what we’re teaching her. She’s sincere and very smart in her responses. She accepted baptism and started inviting her little sister to come to church and listen to us. Her sister also accepted baptism and we’re working with them to get them baptized as soon as they’re ready.

There is a considerably smaller selection of food here in Sao FIlipe, but it’s not a big deal. Most of the country is like that except for San Tiago. San Tiago is the only island that has two supermarkets - Calu and Angelas. The biggest supermarket here is about one third the size of Walgreens back home.

Overall, I’m having a spiritual feast as I strive everyday harder to do the will of the Lord. I feel good about everything, and I feel light of heart. I feel relaxed with the desire to work. I like my companion, and I’m happy that we’re getting along so well. Life is the greatest it can be right now!

Elder Cuestas

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