Monday, July 25, 2011

Sao Filipe ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! is da beeest

The first thing I have to say is that I’m extremely happy right now. I love my mission so much, and I’ve been blessed beyond belief from the good Lord.

The Lord put me in an absolutely amazing place. I LOVE SAO FILIPE

Elder Weiss is really cool. He talks a lot which is awesome because the days pass very quickly here. I enjoy working together. We teach in so much union, and I feel the spirit so incredibly strong in our lessons. He’s quick to laugh and is a great sport, even when things get difficult. He’s instant to make friends with me, and life in the house is never dull.

Elder Weiss is the youngest in his family. He’s some 6 feet 3 and laughs at anything. He’s very good at speaking Portuguese and teaching. We’ve already marked a baptismal date with a new investigator this week.

I just cannot emphasize how happy I’m. I’ve a companion that loves to work and loves to talk. He’s very clean, and I look forward to companion study with him every day. I have been pouring out my heart to the Lord in thanks for this marvelous blessing he gave me.

Fogo is HOT!!!! We’ve been having days of 100 degrees or more. The city though is beautiful. You can compare it to an old Italian village. It really looks that way. It’s much cleaner and attractive than Tarrafal. There is a chapel here, too, so that means the branch is much stronger here. We don’t have to do any branch stuff, just our job as missionaries. I have sweat more than I’ve ever had in my life. Even the sister missionaries sweat profusely here. There is no wind and no clouds. hahah. However, because of how awesome the area is, and how amazing Elder Weiss is, it has not bothered me a single bit. What I do is freeze a big bottle of water and carry it in my bag, so I’ve cold water all day. It’s all I need.

Honestly I just feel like a regular missionary. The zone covers all the areas of Fogo and the island of Brava, which is one area. The total comes to 7 areas. Both Elder Weiss and I are the zone leaders of FOGO, and we work together to establish goals and discuss difficulties we have in the zone. I’m glad to be able to serve the other missionaries, and I’m just happy that the Lord is blessing me so much right now. I know I owe EVERYTHING to him, and I know he’s blessing me and pushing me to be all I can, so that I can serve him. That’s how I feel.

So I’m flying back to Praia today for Zone Leaders council. This is when all the zone leaders from the mission (5 zones) get together and receive trainings from President Oliveira for the zones. We discuss goals and ways to improve. The council will be tomorrow, but for some reason, they wont fly us back until Wednesday evening.

We live in a house with two other Elders. They’re the ones that serve in Fonte Alexio which is the village next door to Sao ~Filipe. They’re really cool, too. Like I said, life is never dull. We all buy groceries together, so we save money, and take turns making lunch. The house is HUGE with 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms. It’s very nice. Everything works perfectly from the toilets to the stove. We even have a microwave and an eggbeater. I use the eggbeater to make powdered milk, which is a ton cheaper than milk

Fogo is extremely safe - dead quiet after 7 in the evening. We even leave the door open in our house to let the breeze in. We shut it when we go to sleep though. It’s even safer than Tarrafal. Nothing happens here. There are even less dogs here, and they are not mean. The worst thing that happens is that if you fall asleep with the door open, which we did once, the banana lady will come in the house, wake you up and try to sell you bananas...or mangos.

We’ve a good and faithful dog that comes to the house every night and lays on the porch in front of the open door. Her name is Tony and we’ll feed her the leftovers.

I’ve already called elder Coleman and we chatted about the good times we had. We left on an excellent note. Elder Coleman is doing a very good job back in Tarrafal

Overall, I’m overjoyed. I’m very happy, and I’m feeling the spirit stronger and stronger every day. I love my work. I love the Lord, and I love my life out here in this country. We’ll be doing great work here because we both – Weiss and I - have a strong desire to serve the Lord and do His will.

Elder Cuestas


SAO FILIPE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is da beeest

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