Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Zone Conference with President Oliveira

We were walking home from the Tavares family (Alex and his entire family are members) I was very frustrated because the whole family does things that are against the commandments, and we have been working so long not just with Alex, but with his whole family as well.

I asked my companion how is it that we, two 19 year olds, know more than this 45-year-old man who is in charge of his family? He told me that the only reason we can see more is because we are converted to the Gospel.

I got really quiet for a few minutes, and I thought about that statement. I didn’t realize that I’m really converted to the church and the gospel. I realized right there that I had no doubt in my mind that I knew the gospel was true. I knew that through the experiences I have gone through as a member of the Church and as a missionary, that I, without knowing it, had built a personal relationship with my father in Heaven and Jesus Christ. Everything was revealed to my eyes yesterday through that one statement, and the Spirit just started flooding my heart. I felt the confirmation from Heavenly Father saying "That’s right" and I had tears of the spirit forming in my eyes.

Zone Conference with President Oliveira (our new Mission President)

Wow, this man is incredible. He has such a confidence, yet such humility. I know that God called him to be here as the Mission President of this mission. His counsel was incredible. His love for us was very clear. His excitement is radiant. His wife is planning to be as involved as him in this mission. He is just overall incredible, and I know we’re going to benefit so much because of him.

Tarrafal is very hot right now. We have daily highs of some 34 degrees - 95 in Fahrenheit. The sun is strong every day and it never rains here. There is no AC in the house either. But of course, I am used to it

I KNOW without a doubt in my mind that ANYTHING can be worked out, and that our Heavenly father is willing and delighted to support us in the work as long as we turn to him.

E Cuestas


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