Monday, July 11, 2011

Great Week!

This was indeed a wonderful week!

What we need to realize as followers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is that we’re here to let go of our own will and accept the fact that our own will is not always best for us, even if we cannot see it right at the moment. As we let go of our will, and let our Heavenly Father work in our life, at some point or another, we will see that our Father in Heaven indeed does everything out of love for us and that his will is that we be the best persons possible on this short life experience. Bottom line: I love the work. I love being a missionary. I love all that I have learned about my Father in Heaven.

As for Tony and Michelle, their baptisms went great! Elder Coleman baptized Tony and I baptized Michelle. They’re doing very well and ready to start a life of learning Gospel principles. They’re very happy.

We found (my first) a family to teach last Friday. Nelinho and his wife Lé. We’re so excited. It’s very hard to find families here.

E aconteceu que eu, Nefi disse a meu pai, Eu irei e cumprirei as ordens do Senhor, porque sei que ele nunca da ordens aos filhos dos homens sem antes preparar um caminho pelo qual suas ordens possam ser cumpridas

What scripture is this?

Elder Cuestas

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