Monday, July 18, 2011

I got transferred to Fogo in the city of Sao Filipe

So last Saturday, I got a call from President Oliveira saying that I was going to be transferred, and here I’m in a new area. I’m now on the island of FOGO in the city of Sao Filipe serving as a Zone Leader.

This mission is so small that there are only 5 zones here: Fogo, Santiago South, San Tiago North, Mindelo North, Mindelo South.

I’m now in the hottest city in the mission. It is about some 98 degrees here, and this seems to be pretty typical according to my companion.

My new companion is elder Weiss from Utah. I have met him before in my first area when the missionaries in Praia would get together to play soccer. I’m excited to take on the responsibility of a Zone Leader. I have no clue as to what I’m doing, so I know that I’ll be praying a lot to see how the Lord is going to guide me.

Last week with Elder Coleman was great. We had a great time and we worked hard. The family that we found last week seems really cool. The couple seems like they have genuine compassion and love for each other, which is something rare in Cape Verde. They have two infants, and I am sure Elder Coleman and the new missionary are going to be great with them.

Leaving Tarrafal was hard - sort of. I said goodbye to all the members there, and Alex took us all the way to Praia. We went to Praia Sunday night because my flight to Fogo was early on Monday morning. Alex took us to an elder’s house, so we could spend the night in Praia, and we said our goodbyes there. I’ll miss that kid a lot. I’ll miss all of Tarrafal, but I am excited to start my work here in Sao Felipe.

The flight was on TACV Cabo Verde Airlines. It was a tiny little airplane with propellers, and the flight to Fogo was just 15 minutes long. Shortest flight I have ever experienced ha-ha

Fogo is Portuguese for Fire. Did you know that there is an active volcano on this island? The island is very hot and hilly. The only place that there is a lot of wind is Mindelo. It's just hot here ha-ha. I don’t miss hot showers at all. You look forward to cold showers here.

Tony and Michel are doing amazing. They have families that are very supportive of their baptisms. We had Family Home Evening in the house of Tony last Monday before I left.

I’m just overall excited, and it seems that Elder Weiss and I are going to work well together. I have heard good stuff about him.

Elder Cuestas

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