Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Almost halfway through my mission...

Can you believe that in a little over a month, I’m halfway through my mission???? Hasn’t time flown??

Life in Fogo has been crazy. Tons of challenges but are all good.

We had the baptism this weekend of Chuchuka and Luana, and I had the honor of getting to baptize Luana. She was extremely nervous, but she was glowing moments after coming out of the water. They were investigators that I got to work with from the start. I’m so proud of them, and I’m so grateful to my Heavenly father that despite my weaknesses, he has given me the confidence, honor and enjoyment of finding his people to teach and help come to the Gospel.

This week we went to the Island of Brava to do the exchange with the elders there. The island is the most beautiful of the country with the most greenery I have ever seen, but life is way too quiet there. You walk a kilometer there just to find some 4 or 5 houses.

Zone leaders have to do the work just like everyone else, but between having to go to Praia once a month, do exchanges with all the other district leaders, and be available at a last moments notice to do a baptismal interview, we have less time than a regular missionary to find people to teach. Nevertheless, that is our purpose and the most important thing for us to do. Thank goodness our meeting in Praia was cancelled for this week, and it’ll be in two more weeks. That gives us the time to find and teach new people.

So that investigator that you were talking about that was addicted to all things and that he dropped almost everything to convert to the gospel, still is going strong and coming to church every Sunday. He still is having a bit of trouble giving up smoking, but he says that he does it because his tooth hurts. He’s going to get it removed tomorrow, and then he says he’ll drop smoking for good. I really hope that’s the case.

Yes, I knew all about the elections here. It was for the President of the Republic, and the winner was Jorge Carlos Fonseca. Politics are quite different here. They campaign by sending trucks that make tons of noise all over the city, all the time. This goes on for weeks, and the trucks have these huge speakers that go all over the city some 16 hours a day.

The people in Fogo are a bit different than the people in Tarrafal. Fogo is the island in which almost every Cape Verdian has a relative that lives in the US. You see tons of things that are given to them from their relatives. Even most of the cars here are imports from the US, cars that their relatives give to them.

I imagine that President Oliveira knows that I have a B-day coming up, but it’s not really something we make a big deal about, especially since everyone is on a different Island. Elder Weiss says that he wants to make brownies for me this weekend. He’s awesome!

The more time I spend with Elder Weiss, the closer friends we become. He has taught me so much. I’m so grateful for the way he’s, and how easy he’s to get along with, work with, and have fun!

Elder Cuestas

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