Tuesday, May 17, 2011

President Neves will be walking with us...

This was a rather interesting week.

Tony has two weeks left before his baptism. I hope it happens because we have had baptisms that have fallen apart in the past. So far, it seems that he’s going to go through with it. He has not missed church and is going to all the activities. He’s a quiet person. Last Saturday when we were walking back home from Integration Night, we asked him "Why do you like to come to church so much" (He is there every single day) He responded saying that he feels good and that his life is better as a result of how much he is coming to church. It was a very reassuring response. I hope he goes through with it.

On the same subject, we’ll find out soon enough if Lacy and Code are going to go through with their baptism, as well. They both missed church last Sunday, and Lacy has this habit of disappearing for a few days and then re appearing when he wants to. We’re going to see him later today to teach him and will find out what is going on. Code seems to be doing well.

We found a new investigator this week that seems to be accepting the teachings quite well. We gave him a book of Mormon (O livro de Mórmon) and told him to read some. He did and says that since he started reading it, he has had more and more of a desire to be doing productive things with his life, like study or what not than just sitting around. He says that after reading the book of Mormon, he had the desire to study math for his classes. He said that normally he hates math and that studying is painful for him. He says that he thinks he’s receiving the answer that the Book of Mormon is true. This is incredible, and I’m excited to work with him more this coming week

Something interesting is happening next week. Presidente Neves will be going into Assomada to give our district a special training. We’re meeting with him there, and afterwards, he’s taking us back to Tarrafal. He’ll be walking with us for the rest of the day as a third missionary, and of course, I’m quite nervous because he’s our mission president.

I’ve seen Oswaldo. He’s fully active now and going to seminary every day. He’s doing great and getting close to us as a friend. He is very smart and his Portuguese is impeccable. It’s nice to hear someone actually speaking Portuguese every once in a while.

Elder Cuestas.

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