Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I got to drive...so cool!

The training went well, and we learned a few things that can help us a lot in our work. I’m so glad that we’ve the guidance of Presidente Neves to help us in the ways that we can bring people closer to the Lord.

The time he spent with us was AMAZING. One of the coolest things that happened was that we started driving back to Tarrafal from Assomada, it’s about a 45 min drive, when all of a sudden, presidente Neves looked at me and said, "Would you like to drive?"

I got to drive president Neves car back to Tarrafal. It was awesome!!! I haven’t driven in forever, and I was so happy that the car was manual. It assured me that I’m going to appreciate a manual car when I get back.

We taught Lacy with Presidente Neves, and he was making comments on Lacy´s progress on how amazing it is. We’re happy for him because he came to Church this Sunday. If all continues to go well, he’ll have a baptismal interview this week.

Alex is back and is now 3 weeks without falling. If he goes one more week, I’ll authorize him to take the sacrament again. He said that he experienced some very strong spiritual experiences while he was out in Assomada studying for his test. He is happier than he has been in a long time, and he says that temptation is going away more and more.

Tony is doing well. We have to be a little more patient with him because he seems to have ADD and will ask us about 30 questions per lesson, to which maybe two will have to do with what we’re talking about.

Overall, great week!

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