Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I know that God loves us with all his heart

Lacy is amazing! He was the first one at church, and he is very happy with everything. He never misses an appointment and is ready to be baptized. He'll have the baptismal interview this Saturday and hopefully be baptized the following weekend.

Alex has been clean for a month now!!!! My wonderful God is so merciful, and I cannot believe the breakthrough he made in this. He’s just clearing some other problems in his past, and he’ll take the sacrament soon. I’m so happy for him. We continue to have the close brotherhood that we do

I called Elizeu as the branch mission leader. We’re growing even closer and closer than we already were. I’m glad to have his help and his presence so often. He’s a blessing in my life.

Lacy told me the other day that he’s grateful for our friendship. It makes me feel so wonderful that these people love me as much as I love them, and especially that Lacy sees how the gospel is making changes in his life and that he is already firm in his testimony.

It doesn’t matter how hard this country can be... I love this place. I love these people. I feel that I’m relating more and more to them than I’ve ever related to anyone else in my life. I know that this gospel is the only thing that can form these kinds of brotherhoods that last the way they do. My Lord is teaching me that which I cannot learn anywhere else. I have made my mistakes on the mission, but nevertheless, I continue to grow more and more every day and I continue to love Heavenly Father for all that he has done for me. Nothing will ever take me away from him. I love him. I love his son Jesus Christ, and I know that this church is true.

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