Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sundays can be quite hectic here

Lacy is doing very well since his baptism. I’m so happy for him. He says that the church has really changed his life.

Tony and Michel are doing pretty good. We would like to baptize them soon, but Tony is a bit hesitant. We just have to be patient and continue encouraging him to move forward. He has a testimony and that’s what is important.

Family is not really significant here, so Fathers day isn’t on the top list for Cape Verdinians.

As Branch President, I have to make sure the church runs here: everything from finances, to the members, to all the activities and meetings that the church has here. I’m in charge of what is taught, what takes place, the callings of all the people, the worthiness, sending people on missions, etc. etc.

My companion and I run church on Sundays, which includes directing Sacrament meetings. We interview people and take care of any tithing and anything else that requires taking care of on Sunday. It can get pretty hectic for us here.

And yes we cook every single day…

What have I learned here? To get used to anything that can make me uncomfortable. I’ve learned to be patient, and most of all that I have a really good ability to humble myself.

Elder Cuestas

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