Monday, January 10, 2011

Achada de Santo Antonio - Cape Verde

I want to say that the accustomation period was a lot shorter than I thought it would be. I feel fully settled in and I am so happy right now. I am happy beyond belief, and I am so glad that I am serving here!

Ok so I am going to start by answering some of your questions. I am serving in the suburb of Achada de Santo Antonio. I live about 100 feet from the church. Achada is like the industrial area of Praia.

My companion is amazing. My Portuguese is good, and I only have trouble with the people when they begin to speak Creole...ha-ha. But I can still understand them. My companion and I teach in perfect unison. We have several investigators and 2 that have baptismal dates. I think we have like some 19 or 20 investigators right now.

P Day is pretty cool. We get up at 6 and take a taxi to Achadinha where my zone leaders are. We play soccer with the whole zone and usually a few local Cape Verdians and then we have breakfast at the zone leaders house. We then get on the Internet, and then clean our apartment. Then we go shopping for food and then we usually go exploring the area.

We see our zone leaders every week at football. I will be going on an exchange with one of them. I will be with one of them for the day on Thursday in their area and the other will be with my companion.

I forgot to mention that we are in an area that has never had missionaries before. That is called being WHITE WASHED in to OPEN an area. My mission president is in my branch (Like a ward but smaller) so I see him every Sunday.

There are challenges here beyond the conditions. But it’s funny to think that the conditions don't seem like a challenge to me. I'm happy, and I'm so grateful that the Lord has blessed me to adjust to here.

Our entire zone is pretty cool. Most are Americans. There are a few Cape Verdians and Brazilians but mostly Americans.

We have two progressing investigators right now. One is Toto and he's a bit slow.... we have to make lessons very simple for him. The other one is Tereza. We just have to get her to go to church.

I know that I was placed here for a reason, and I know that I will have success in finding the people that I was placed here to find. I know that if we are faithful we will be successful in this life. We owe everything to our Divine Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and I as a missionary owe everything to him.

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