Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cape Verde

This week was extremely busy. We taught 34 lessons. We have 10 new investigators and 4 came to church, which is a HUGE step towards baptism. It was so cool to see them there. Tereza was one of them. Toto is struggling. He says he doesn’t drink anymore yet we still smell alcohol on his breath.

As for the stores here, there is a Supermarket group called “Calu & Angelas” that is as close to an American store as it gets. It’s a little bigger than a Walgreens would be and offers everything we need. The other stores are all pretty much the same. All the stuff is thrown all over tables or stuffed in the shelves on the walls - nothing like any store in America.

We were extremely busy with some very promising investigators this week. Tereza is actually the mom of the second counselor of the branch presidency. He's very happy that we are teaching her and that she is moving along. We found Eduino last week, and he came to church yesterday as well as two other teenage girls. A less active member that we were working with came to church. The church was very welcoming and they were all very happy to be there. Of course, we were happier!!

Nevertheless this is a new area, so it may take some time to see progression of someone getting to baptism, but it will come. My faith is stronger than ever on the fact that I am called to be here.

Life is good. It’s tough but rewarding. I come home every day so happy to be a missionary. I love that I am making a difference in some of these peoples lives. Tereza really looks like she is going to make it to baptism. That makes me happier than anything.

Life here is great, and we are just working our 2 years away. I am joyful, and I am completely accustomed. I am busy, and I am more faithful in our Divine Savior than ever.

I know that this plan that I speak of every day is of a Loving Heavenly Father that is eager for each of his children to return to him. I know that our beloved prophet Thomas S. Monson was chosen of his divinity to serve this planet and call us as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ to help this people.

I testify that the Gospel is the only way to true happiness and that it is available to every one of God’s children including the people of Cape Verde, and I say that in the name of his grace, our master Jesus Christ.

Elder Cuestas

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  1. Fatima said...
    Oi Elder Cuestas,
    Tudo bem contigo? Espero que sim. Permita-me escrever em Portugues assim voce pode praticar o meu idioma. Estava lendo as duas ultimas mensagens que voce escreveu no blog e estou bem feliz que tudo esta bem e voce esta mais acostumado com a cultura do que antes.Sinto muito que as vezes voce sofre por nao ter o conforto da tua casa e pais(country). Eu sei que uma missao muitas vezes e para nos ajudar a apreciar as diferencas e aprender com elas. Outra coisa tambem importante e que estas pessoas na Ilha de Cabo Verde precisam de voce. Voce quer que elas progridam e saiam da miseria nao apenas a miseria por falta de dinheiro que vem do conforto material que a vida oferece mas sair da miseria espiritual. A miseria espiritual e a pior de todas as miserias, voce nao acha? Voce esta com seu espirito muito elevado e vai continuar a progredir. Tenha paciencia com estas pessoas e lembre que sao todos ignorantes do conhecimento e sucesso que o evangelho de Jesus Cristo tras pra nos. Vou orar por voce e teu sucesso em trazendo o sucesso aos teus irmaos que estao perdidos.

    Tua amiga e irma,
    Fatima Johnson
    January 28, 2011 6:52 AM