Tuesday, January 25, 2011

P Day - eating pizza and playing soccer with my companion

I'm doing amazing. Wow this week FLEW! It seems like I was in this Internet cafe yesterday. I'm doing excellent. The week felt like an hour. We taught 32 lessons.

Tereza did not make it to church, but Eduino did, and we also have another investigator named Celso. He seems really interested, and he made it to church already 2 times. Life here is so busy and we had some very good lessons with Eduino and Celso. José Miguel is now an investigator and we like teaching him.

My companion and I went on an exchange. I stayed in my area and worked with Elder Sargent. He was pretty cool. It felt strange speaking English.

My companion, Elder Rodriguez is great! We get along great and talk all the time. I have learned to cook. I have even learned to make Pizza. Elder R, however likes to cook, so mostly I just let him. So houses here don’t have gas. Instead the stove is attached to a big tank of gas, kind of like a grill. We have to light a match and light it like a fireplace.

I'm doing so well. I have had some of the most spiritual moments of my life here. I am grateful every day to the Lord that he directed me to serve a mission. I have already experienced some of the happiest moments of my time in the church on my mission. I am safe and healthy.

Elder Cuestas
A Igreja De JESUS CRISTO Dos Santos Dos Ultimos Dias

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